Asad Med

Asad Med


Washing Bottle specs

Quantity:  500 ml

Material:  PP Propylene


AsadMade with a modern view in Laboratory technology, Biorasy Made a product that is commonly used and the most important product of every laboratory and known as ” Washing Bottle”.

Its also known as a “Squeeze bottle” because it has a nozzle at the top. It is used to rinse various pieces of laboratory glassware, such as test tubes and round bottom flasks. It also has less periodic uses such as filling of volumetric flask. It is also used for the storage of different solutions and solvents.

Basically, Laboratory equipment is too expensive and every laboratory technician can’t these products every day.  So they reuse some products by cleaning them with chemicals and plastic bottles. . It’s a flexible bottle with a bent tube that is inserted through its stopper or cap. The tube is used to direct a stream of water onto something that needs to be rinsed or washed.

The storage quantity of the Washing bottle is 500 ml. About Structure and material, the Bottle is made with pp propylene plastic material and it has a nozzle on top, which is curved from the top.


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