Asad Med

Asad Med


Test Tube Stand Specs:

Test Tube Capacity: 50 Tubes
Material: Plasti


Asad has made and assembled a new design of a “Test tube Stand”. It’s also known as “Test Tube Rack”. It is used to hold tubes in upright and aligned positions at the same time, for easy handling of tubes, and used to prevent breakage or spillage. It grasps test tubes in standard and aligned position at the same time. It’s common laboratory equipment that is used in daily life routine, for safety reasons, for safe storage of test tubes, and to ease the carry of multiple tubes.

This product Provides a Safe way for you to store test tubes, especially when they are being used for ongoing experiments. This Test tube stand is made of pure plastic. It’s a necessary tool in any chemistry or biology lab. Its surfaces are more likely to maintain their original appearance, and with electropolishing, they are easy to sanitize and sterilize. Our product consists of three layers which all are made of pure high-quality Plastic.

The first layer is the hole base layer which is on toward and provides good grip to tube from movement. The second layer is also hole-based which actually grip the tube from the middle and this layer is important because it provides safety to the tube. The last layer has small holes which protect tubes to fall down. All three-layer is adjusted with Hoked which is also made of plastic and provides an easy grip to layer.


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