Asad Med

Asad Med


Syringe Stopper Specs

Packing Size: 1000 Pcs

Material: PP Propylene


AsadMade A variety of Stopper is available on the market, but all they are made of poor plastic and glass. Seeing this bad material production in the laboratory and daily life use Biorays made its own “Syringe Stopper” which is made with the best pure plastic material and best in quality. You see a lot of  Stopper in your daily life which are made with different materials like plastic, glass but Biorays Syringe Stopper is much different from others.

This Stopper is made with pp propylene pure plastic material. The stopper is used to keep liquid material in a Syringe for while. First, Technician put blood, Liquid type material in it and then put a stopper at the end to save material from wastage. The stopper is used in different types of syringes and easily adjusted with it. It Stops the liquid from wastage.


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