Asad Med

Asad Med


Stabality Chember Specs

Standard Model (S):  Inside and Outside mild steel Powder Coated

Temperature Range:   – 20 °C to -60 °C

Temperature Accuracy: ± 0.5 °C

Temp Uniformity:  ± 1 °C

Humidity Range: 35%  to 75% RH

Humidity Accuracy:  ± 2% RH

Humidity Uniformity: ± 3 % RH



By seeing of Trend of modern technology in the market, Asad made Stabality Chember, which is an effective product in the market. This Stabality Chember  specially designed equipment that is used in the testing of products and also determines their shelf life such as drug, electrical components, industrial materials, etc, which enables you to tweak parameters like temperature, humidity to conduct a thorough check over varied conditions. It is also used for conducting and monitoring chemical, biological, and microbiological components.

Additional Functions of Stabality Chember:

Smart Air Distribution System

  • A separate supply and return duct for ensuring uniformity of set conditions.

Efficient Water Management System

  • Built-in water recirculation system which saves 95% of water consumption.
  • Reduction in water Cost

Safety & Alarms

  • Safety Controller sensor to cut off the supply in case of overshoot and undershoot of Temperature and Humidity giving the audio-visual alarm.
  • Low water Level Alarms
  • Door Opening Alarms
  • All the alarms are events are logged in the software.

More features about Stability Chember 

  • Pre-fabricated doubled walled modular panels with PUF insulation
  • Inside stainless steel and walls
  • Floor panels having extra reinforcement to sustain the sample load inside the chamber
  • Heavy-duty door hinges and latches to maintain a secure and uniform seal
  • Racks & Trays made up of GI pre-coated with Adjustable height
  • Humidity system with evaporation tray and reservoir tank with water level arrangement
  • PIc control system with touch screen display colored screen – 7″ HMI with Ethernet
  • Web-based online monitoring
  • Works on 220 V AC single Phase 50 Hz.


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