Asad Med

Asad Med


Rotatory Pipette Stand Specs

ESR Fast Reader:    4 Minute 30 mints Fast Reader

Micropipettes:         8 Micropipettes

Pipette Filter:         4 Pipette Filter

Test Tubes:            8 Test Tubes

Glass Pipette:       4 Glass Pipette

Pipette Hb:           7 pipette Hb 20 ul

Rubber Pipette:    1 Rubber Pipette Filter


Asad has made and assembled a new design of pipette stand which is Known as “Pipette Stand Revolving with Tip Container”.

 It’s also called “Rotatory Pipette Stand”.

Pipette Stand Revolving is an important part and equipment of modern laboratories. Biorays designed this item to solve the problems of laboratories with a viewing of modern technology. It contains 4 ESR 30 minutes fast readers, along with 8 micropipettes at a time, 4 pipette filters, 8 test tubes, 4 glass pipettes, 7 pipettes Hb 20 ul, and 1 rubber pipette filter.

Laboratory technicians place a lot of things in the revolving stand Can be placed. It’s made of plastic along with an Iron Rod in the center. It has 4 Tip Container Box in which yellow and blue tips can be placed. Its base is made with a harder material that supports it to maintain balance on itself. Biorays Rotatory Pipette Stand is made of plastic and acrylic material and consists of three layers. The base is consist of four pentagon boxes which are used to keep tips and other small items and cover with an acrylic sheet that is rotatable.

The second layer is made of plastic which is actually supports the items of the first layer and provides grip to pipettes. The first layer is the main layer which is used to put all the items and hold the pipettes from sides


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