Asad Med

Asad Med


Deionizer Digital Specs

Model No:     BR-1800

Conductivity:   1-0.1 μS/cm

Resistivity:       1-10 MΩ-cm

Silica:                <0.05 mg/l

carbon dioxide:   <0.5 mg/l

Trace dissolved metals:   <0.001 mg/l

Residual Solids:     <0.5 mg/l

Average pH:      Neutral



Companies launch new products every day in the market to provide benefits to customers. By sees of this trend, Asad Made a new machine which is used in the purification of water and is known as “Deionizer Digital”. It is used in Laboratories for the purification of water and it is wall mounted deionization system. It produces (30 to 90 liters) per hour of high purity water for a wide range of laboratory and general manufacturing applications.

Output Capacity: 

Feed TDS:

50 mg/l       236

150 mg/l     72

250 mg/l    43

350 mg/l    31

450 mg/l    24

550 mg/l    20

This is a cost-effective stand-alone system that provides low to medium volumes of deionized water. Water quality is easy to monitor, as there is a digital display. It is shown

Conductivity:     0-9999 μS / CM & TDS: 0-9999 PPM.

Degree Celcius: 0.1 – 80.0 °C

Fahrenheit:        32.0 – 176.0 °F

Accuracy:           ± 2%
Performance & Dimensions:
Maximum Flow:   30l/hr
Maximum Operating Pressure:   10 psi(0.7 bar)
Maximum Operating Temperature:  35 °C
Height * Width * Depth :  380 * 100 *107 mm
The weight of this Deionizer water machine is 1.7 kg.


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